How to Get Out of Divorce?

How to Get Out of Divorce?

It’s no surprise that family crisis is been leading problem among countries around the world. Especially in such highly developed as USA. It’s not about the world denying value of family. Family still plays very important role. But it’s implication has changed from common to individual. Men and women are no longer obliged to support each other.

The Gallup service is famous for its research in moral acceptability of various actions. One of the survey results show that divorce as the most morally acceptable act from the list, while adultery receives the most disapproval. And we tried to get to know why. Why it’s considered “moral” to break up and destroy the family in order to satisfy people’s individual deficiency?

Is it because of influence of our environment? Or may be because the society that we live in judges common values and appreciates individual? Going through divorce is a hard path, but to justify your partners mistake is even harder. So it appears that in modern world destroying the family is much easier than building the family and developing it.

As a result people see divorce as something normal. Is this a high level of morality that we are reaching? Or this is just another replacement of moral institution by something that people find more convenient

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