Family like business?

Family like business?

There is no stronger connection than connection between a man and a woman who have become close to one another. From childhood, each of us dreams of finding love, of being loved. There for we look for this motherly tenderness for all our life.

For centuries we have been fulfilling this necessity in our families. But recently, as family has turned into an individual project, we no longer feel enough love in it. We are not motivated enough to get married anymore. Modern men and women are able to live successful life in solitude. Sex is not a problem too. So, why creating a family? Upbringing kids – is a good reason, but not everyone is orientated on it.

Psychological support is most likely the best answer. But as desperately as we need support we are not ready to put much effort in building deep relationship, invest in it’s safety. Is there any way to create a healthy long lasting relationship? What if we start seeing family as a business project? Then, in order to succeeding we will have to make a plan and split obligations. This is how we create a common space and common responsibility.

So, why not run family like business?

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