Run family like a business

Run family like a business
Most of you are familiar with first tender romantic feelings which often outgrow into passion and physical attraction. But how often you see couples who managed to carry this stage through all their life?
One day you find yourself paying attention to another men or women. You may ask yourself Рhow did this happen? When we are going through romantic period, we are creating certain mental picture, a pattern of our partner. This pattern continues living and developing in our consciousness often ignoring the real picture. After romantic period is over the real picture reveals which entails either frustration or decrease of interest.
And we simply stop satisfying our partners needs.
However, what if before falling in love, we sit down and clarify our goals, make a common plan and get off our needs. What if we will make a certain so called contract.
If you both create operation manual for your future relationship together?
This actions can significantly extend your romantic period and even transform your marriage into real union.
So, running family like a business makes sense.
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