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We see that all circles of our lives – our family, our workplace and our community – are intertwined. And in all of these life areas what is most important is having healthy, enriching relationships. Especially in today’s interconnected reality, this is the key to personal happiness, thriving communities, business productivity and cultural sustainability over time. Our consultants help people upgrade their way of looking at problems, learning to shift from a linear point of view to an integral one. This integral approach sees every aspect of our lives as part of the greater whole and is able to solve issues in a cooperative and positive manner.

Why we do it

Many consultants and trainers today try to improve specific problems such as lack of understanding, depression, aggression, loneliness, divorce and the like.
Our method was designed by experts in linked areas, who saw that all the above problems, which are prevalent among so many people, are in fact symptoms, pointing to the same root cause: the quality of relations. Whether it’s a young couple or experienced family.

How we do it

The Circles Method™ uses scientific research and findings from fields such as social psychology, network science, systems science and collective intelligence, to provide the tools, knowledge and practices required to build positive and productive social interactions that in turn, generate better results in all the above fields

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