Single Workshops

Challenging Statistics

Single Americans make up more than half of the adult population for the first time since the government began compiling such statistics in 1976.

Some 124.6 million Americans were single in August, 50.2 percent of those who were 16 years or older, according to data used by the Bureau of Labor Statistics in its monthly job-market report. That percentage had been hovering just below 50 percent since about the beginning of 2013 before edging above it in July and August. In 1976, it was 37.4 percent and has been trending upward since.

The Solution

The Kogan Family uses scientific research and findings from fields such as social psychology, network science, systems science and collective intelligence, to provide the tools, knowledge and practices required to build positive and productive social interactions that in turn, generate better results in all the above fields


Percentage of single-person households in New York


Share of Americans who have had a one-night-stand

Number of families with a single mother in the U.S.

Number of families with a single father in the U.S.

What will you gain?

  1. Confront deep rooted issues that prevent us from relationship
  2. Learn how to love ourselves so we allow others to love us
  3. Practice sharing and being vulnerable within the safety of a small group
  4. Develop real relationships within the workshop
  5. Discuss how to pursue and engage the opposite sex in relationship
  • Homework assignments that challenge and activate the sessions
  • Cultivate healthy boundaries and learn the truth about “no”
  • Talk about Sexuality
  • Have a good time while living in community and learning to trust others

Registration is for singles 18 – 70 years old. Space is limited so sign up today!

  • Common Values 80%
  • Communication 50%
  • Getting through conflict 75%
  • Aim Toward Same Goal 60%

The Results Are Amazing

Throughout our practice we helped dozens of single individuals to find themselves.

The environment we help create not only gives you a new way of life but also makes your relatives, friends, coworkers fell better.

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